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Sunday, April 1st, 2018:

I love when dreams come true! I have been featured as a cover story for the 20th issue of Black Pinups Magazine!!! The title of the cover story is "Behind the Lens with Berylanne". I discuss my pin up modeling background, upcoming projects/productions and interesting facts about my self!

I can't believe I went from practicing pin up poses in my room to now being featured in magazines! I can now consider my self a published model. I was also featured in the 14th issue back in 2017!

See, the ingredients to success is practice, persistance and vision. =)

Click here to purchase the 20th issue. $15 for print and $5 for digital.

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20th issue Black Pinups Magazine Interview with Pin Up Model Berylanne Lynch (B-Anne The Bombshell)



Friday, March 30th, 2018:

NEW VIDEO: In this video I demonstrate how to do a vintage hairstyle inspired by Civil Rights Activist, Coretta Scott King (wife of Martin Luther King Jr.). For this hairstyle, I''ll be using the 1950's Pageboy. Below is a video tutorial I created awhile ago that can help learn how to do the Pageboy.

I chose to do this celebrity inspired hairstyle as Coretta Scott King was a strong, articulate woman who stood for the Black Community alongside her husband. She continued on his legacy even after his death. A feminine, beautiful role model that we need more of today! Black History Matters.

The link on how to do the original Pageboy is in the video descriptio via YouTube.

Thanks for watching!





Saturday, March 3rd, 2018:

Once in a while I love peeking at Anna Nicole Smith's younger retro photos. As wild as she was, I love her glamour and no-care approach. I did this Anna Nicole Smith celebrity inspired look myself. It's based on her GUESS modeling campaign around the early 1990's.

Anna Nicole Smith GUESS Berylanne Lynch Inspired Shoot Glamour Modeling



Sunday, February 24th, 2018:

My time visiting the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. Too bad there weren't many luxury cars this time! Still had fun! Check out more pics and videos via my Instagram and Facebook.

I'm modeling here with a Mercedes Benz.

2018 chicago auto show  berylanne lynch 2



Sunday, February 18th, 2018:

I'm reflecting on when I won the Chicago Oscars last year in 2017 for "Best Director". I remember being nominated in 2016 for "Best Producer". Winning the "Oscars" made me realize how much focus and determination it takes to succeed in filmmaking.

The event was hosted by the Red Carpet Concierge International.

Check out more pics via my Instagram and Facebook page.

Berylanne Lynch Best Director Chicago Oscars 2017



Saturday, February 17th, 2018:

It was so exciting competing in the Miss World of Wheels Pin Up contest back in Milwaukee, WI. It took place last February 2018. My style was 1940's. After the contest I checked out amazing classic and modern cars - while of course posing! Below is a video of my speech during the contest. Follow more photos via my Instagram @BanneTheBombshell

Miss World of Wheels Autorama Pin Up Contest Milwaukee WI 2017





Friday, February 2nd, 2018:

HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY TO ME! #VintageQueen #28YearsStrong

It's interesting that I was actually born on a Friday, at noon. =)

Although I was sick, I managed to do a quick vintage inspired hairstyle. In 2017, I did a Dorothy Dandridge inspired look from "Chattanooga Choo Choo". You can watch the tutorial here!

#TeamAquarius #Aquarius #FebruaryBirthday #Feb2 #GroundhogBaby

Happy 28th Birthday by Berylanne Lynch



Tuesday, January 16th, 2018:

TOSSBACK TUESDAY: My time visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. monument at the Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham, Alabama. January 2016. I stumbled upon this historical park while traveling through the South. It was an honor to observe all the historical monuments and facts. It was somehwhat chilly that day. A little bit more friendlier than up North. #MartinLutherKingJr #MLKDay #TossbackTuesday #Birmingham #LearnThyHistory #KnowThySelf #history #1960s #vintage #explorehistory #historyimpactsthepresent #malcolmxday #lovethyself #melaninpower #blackunity #visitalabama #mindset #blackhistorymatters #blackhistory #knowledgeispower #travel #lifestyle

Martin Luther King Jr. Kelly Ingram Memorial Alabama - Berylanne Lynch



Friday, January 5th, 2018:

Starting off 2018 with a dazzling Coco Chanel 1920's - 30's vintage inspired hairstyle demonstration...




Saturday, December 30th, 2017:

A while ago I decided to do a mini photo shoot of my hair inspired with a 1950’s vintage inspired hairstyle and outfit. I love doing personal pin up shoots! But they can be tricky with achieving the perfect angle...regardless - I had fun! This was the result...


Berylanne Lynch Natural Black Hair Vintage Photography



Tuesday, December 6th, 2017:


Top 5 Glamorous Reasons to Become a Pin Up Girl Model!


Every pin up girl has a significant story on why she became a pin up model. Many girls will tell you it gives you a boost of confidence, a new group of friends and plenty of time to dress up! (Who doesn’t want to play dress up?!)



Below are five reasons to become a pin up girl:



1. It will give you fresh air of confidence: When you dress up, you feel more alive, pleasant and overall lovely. It takes a load of confidence to dress up in a style from the 1940’s or even the 1980’s…people may stare or refer to you as “old fashioned” – but with a steam of confidence you will be seen as charming, although they may not understand your love for vintage.

 Top 5 Glamorous Reasons to Become a Pin Up Girl Model

2. You are embracing history: It’s more than just scrolling endlessly through vintage photos of beautiful actresses andpin up models from the 1940’s and 1950’s. You are learning about the history of a specific time period – from fashion, hairstyles, culture, cars and so much more. You can get insight on how the past impacts the present.


3. You will be a positive role model: There are plenty of activities to do as a pin up model in your community. You can help raise funds for charities or participate in pageants, competitions, movies and performances. You will also inspire other women around you.


4. There is no age limit: When we think of a pin up girl, we imagine a young girl in a sexy or innocent situation appearing youthful. However; pin up modeling as no age! Or no particular ethnicity! Unlike other modeling sectors, pin up modeling can be an activity for any age to get involved. It’s sometimes best to learn vintage tips from older pin up girls too!


5. You can develop new skills: It’s always important to learn and develop new skills throughout life. Becoming a pin up model with help you with learning and developing new skills – from learning proper poses, photography, editing, social media, fashion, hairstyling, communication and confidence.


The video below is my explanation on why I became a pin up model…










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